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Serving Bancroft & Surrounding Area




Firewood-Depot offers a service of storing your firewood for next season.

Not all home & cottage owners have an open area where sun and wind can get to your firewood while it is at the drying stage.

Firewood-Depot has the answer for you. Simply call and order your next winter supply and we will stack it in our wood cribs allowing for optimum drying. There is no need to pay for your order until you pick it up. Please note there is no delivery service of firewood that has been stored for drying.

Firewood-Depot delivery service
We understand that picking up your firewood from our yard will not only be time consuming but also will require a vehicle that can carry your wood safely as you travel home. Our truck and dump trailer combination can deliver a full bush cord of wood. All deliveries of firewood will be unseasoned; therefore you must order in advance and dry / season it on your own property.

Delivery charges are quoted in advance based on distance.

Custom cutting to length
Our firewood processing machine can cut in length from 14" – 22".

Our standard cutting length is 16” therefore all other lengths will be considered a custom cut with an additional surcharge if less than 4 bush cord.

FREE kindling
When our customers pick up their firewood, they get as much free kindling as they would like from our table which is located at the entrance gate. Once you are our customer, you may return without buying wood for more free kindling throughout the year while supplies last.